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A Revolution in Real Time

Ceeblue’s Media Fabric is a next-generation media server and delivery architecture representing a quantum leap in what can be achieved with real time processing and delivery.

With a foundation laid in state-of-the-art edge-computing technology, the Media Fabric crafts a comprehensive service mesh, revolutionizing how we handle media data.

Enhanced processing capabilities such as transcoding, recording, and scaling with burst mode are also seamlessly integrated into this redundant and resilient mesh of independent nodes.

The Media Fabric isn’t just an architectural framework; it’s a transformative step towards the future of real time media processing.

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The Two Pillars of the Media Fabric

Live Video Transcoder and Sub-Second Mesh Network
fast as light

Fast-as-Light Transcoding

Reliable, Cost-Effective Transcoding Compatible With Unified Origin.

Ingest your RTMP, SRT, WebRTC, or RTSP into Unified Origin, with support for SCTE-35 and captions

From 375€/month.

service mesh

The Real Time Service Mesh

Stream your video to viewers anywhere across the globe in 150-1000 milliseconds.

Ceeblue’s Media Fabric transcodes and delivers your streams seamlessly to any device, anywhere, in under a second.

From 460€/month.

ceeblue meet the cloud

Learn how we shave off every millisecond possible.

Who needs Real time Streaming?


Ceeblue's API-based Media Fabric provides you with all the tools you need

Personalize, automate, optimize, adapt and scale using our powerful API toolset.

ceeblue api

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Our worldwide cloud network will reach your target audience wherever it may be.​

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Some words from our customers and partners

Ceeblue is our last-mile partner, providing strategically essential ULL for our perfectly synced interactive Live Shopping layer. Thanks in large measure to Ceeblue, FIRA LIVE is now the Live Shopping leader in LATAM. Ceeblue provides great support and helped us to integrate their magic in our platform very quickly.
Javier Testimonial
Javier Molina
fira logo
Ceeblue’s engineering team is on point. One of our customers required UHD over a special flavour of CMAF. Ceeblue supported neither UHD nor CMAF at the time. Two weeks later Ceeblue presented us with a stable, ultra-high def. solution.
James Testimonial
James Burt
Co-founder & CTO Vualto
vualto logo fb 300x158 1
Ceeblue and NovoServe share the same drive to innovate. We question why the state of the art is the way it is and then figure out how to make it better. NovoServe is honored to be a partner in Ceeblue's transformational roadmap.
Herke Testimonial
Herke Plantenga
Owner NovoServe

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