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Ceeblue and Unified Streaming have partnered up to harness the multiprotocol ingest of the Ceeblue Media Fabric to Unified Origin. Keep reading to learn how Ceeblue brings RTMP ingest and much more to the market-leading origin solution.

Multiprotocol Ingest + Multiprotocol Streaming

Unified Origin, the premiere single-source streaming solution, can now ingest your streams in nearly any format, thanks to Ceeblue’s multi-protocol support.

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For years, Unified Origin has provided a single source to stream all your content to all devices in multiple formats:
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Unified Origin has inbuilt support for DRM, timed metadata (SCTE-35), multi-channel audio and accessibility features. Thanks to this new partnership, Unified Origin now supports an enormous range of ingest formats.

Flexible Video Flows

Ceeblue specializes in multiprotocol support, and accepts a wide range of ingest formats. By combining Ceeblue’s flexible ingest with Unified’s flexible egress, we have created an optimized and versatile video flow which supports any combination of ingest and delivery formats.
New U Origin

From its conception, this new collaboration set out to make Unified Origin accessible to a broader number of potential customers by allowing it to accept more ingest formats, and thereby fit into more workflows.

Down-to-Earth Pricing

Unified Origin is also more accessible now due to the low cost of this combined solution, thanks to the inherent efficiencies involved. The Ceeblue Media Fabric and Unified Origin are both mature services with operational efficiencies and low overheads already in place.

As a result, the combination of the two occupies a unique position in the market, providing a flexible, feature-rich service at an extremely competitive price point.

To learn how to send your RTMP or SRT streams into the Origin, please fill out the form below or contact us at [email protected]

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