Ceeblue and the CDN Alliance Low Latency Workgroup: Bringing the Industry up to Speed

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CDN Alliance Low Latency Workgroup Co-Chair Ceeblue

The Challenges Facing the Low Latency Industry

The low-latency end of the streaming spectrum is still very much the uncharted frontier of the streaming world. Until now, no one has stepped forward to map out the actuality of low latency for those of us who aren’t on the bleeding edge of interactive streaming.

Without a definitive resource to provide guidance, many of the following questions go partially or fully unanswered:

  • What latencies are actually achievable?
  • How is latency measured?
  • Are SSAI or DRM available for low latency? If so, where and how?
  • What are the pros and cons of all of the different protocols? 
  • What latencies are really described by the terms “low latency,” “ultra-low latency,” and “real-time?”
  • What are the most common low-latency use cases?
  • What can I expect from a low-latency or real-time solution?
  • What paths to low latency are available to me?

We at Ceeblue feel strongly that the answers to these questions must be readily available to the general public if the real-time streaming market is going to mature and flourish, and it is with that goal in mind that last year we decided to help the CDN Alliance achieve its goals of creating a consensual, single source of truth for low-latency technologies and the providers that support them.

Ceeblue is a leader in streaming technology, and the only provider to support both WebRTC and HESP sub-second protocols. We are a founding member of the CDN Alliance, and have been co-chairing the low-latency workgroup since its formation in Q3 2023. 

Lawton Cheney, our Chief Commercial Officer, in collaboration with the Alliance’s Mark de Jong and with the support of the other members of the workgroup, has been defining the low-latency strategy and moving forward with real-world testing in order to provide an authoritative, low-latency resource that will benefit the entire industry.

Understanding the Need for Low Latency

Low latency streaming is a user-experience revolution. By allowing broadcasters to deliver live audio and video with minimal delay, viewers are able to take part in real-time interactions, generating more audience engagement. Whether it’s for live sports, online gaming, or interactive platforms, low-latency streaming is transforming how we consume media.

Ceeblue’s Vision and Contribution

Ceeblue’s vision aligns with the objectives of the CDN Alliance Low-Latency Workgroup. As innovators, we feel that the existence of clearly defined standards and industry consensus can only accelerate the adoption of pioneering solutions. 

Currently there is no consensus. One provider might call their sub-3-second product “real-time” while another defines a similar product “ultra-low latency.” 

On the flip side, a broadcaster in the market for low latency may be bewildered and frustrated when comparing a 3-second “real-time” product to a different sub-500-ms “real-time” product.  

Faced with a vacuum of standardized terminology, accompanied by a glut of outdated information regarding what is really possible using today’s technology, Ceeblue has decided to support the CDN Alliance in creating order and understanding for the general public. 

Our team is actively involved in pushing the envelope of what is possible in low latency streaming, so it makes sense that our expertise be one of the sources helping to define and standardize the terminologies and metrics that define low-latency, ultra-low-latency and real-time streaming solutions.

The Workgroup’s Mission

The CDN Alliance Low-Latency Workgroup is composed of a diverse group of active members of the industry. It recognizes the need to create a clear, unified understanding of what “low latency” and its various variations mean in different contexts, and to define the state of the industry, providing a public roadmap, if you will, that will allow vendors and consumers alike to navigate it. This collective effort is vital for the advancement and widespread adoption of low-latency technologies.

Accelerating the Adoption of Low Latency

Ceeblue’s role in the CDN Alliance Low-Latency Workgroup is more than a press-release partnership; it’s a testament to our leadership in the streaming technology space. 

By making low latency more accessible, we can accelerate its adoption, which will benefit the entire industry and the public at large.

Under Lawton Cheney’s and Mark de Jong’s leadership, we’re not just following the trends; we’re defining the frameworks that will create them. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive the future of low-latency streaming with the Workgroup’s exciting first report, which will be published shortly.

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