Ceeblue Unveils Groundbreaking Open-Source HESP Client Library at NAB Show 2024

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Ceeblue Unveils Groundbreaking Open-Source HESP Client Library at NAB Show 2024

Protocol Agnosticism: Ceeblue Develops Open-Source HESP Client Library and video.js plugin

The demand for efficient and high-quality live-streaming experiences has never been greater, and there have never been so many different streaming methods to choose from. Ceeblue has a long-term strategy to provide unparalleled support for as many of the best of these methods as humanly possible.

Recently, Ceeblue achieved a new milestone in supporting this vision, and at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas we are unveiling a groundbreaking innovation that promises to revolutionize the way our customers stream real-time video content: the first-ever publicly-available HESP client library.

We will be demoing this new client library in collaboration with one of our preferred hardware partners, Videon, at the Zixi booth (W1401).

This new library will allow customers free rein to integrate HESP support into their platforms without relying on any single player vendor. As an evolution of this strategy, in the coming months, Ceeblue will also be launching a video.js plugin that incorporates this client library, which will bring HESP support to one of the world’s leading open-source players.

Where to experience the live HESP demo at NAB 2024

Introducing HESP: High-Efficiency Streaming Redefined

HESP, or High-Efficiency Streaming Protocol, is a cutting-edge standard designed to minimize latency and maximize quality, ensuring a seamless and real-time experience for viewers. Developed by the HESP Alliance, this protocol is poised to become the gold standard for broadcast-like streaming experiences where quality and low latency are paramount. By significantly reducing buffering and latency, HESP delivers a superior quality of experience, resulting in a smoother and more immersive streaming journey.

Ceeblue has taken great pains to make sure that its implementation of HESP is both standards-compliant and compatible with standard CDN caching. This compatibility further enhances its global reach, making it a truly comprehensive solution for broadcasters and content providers alike.

Key benefits of HESP:

  • HTTP-based TCP protocol
  • Cacheable
  • CDN-friendly
  • Fast switching times
  • Fast recovery
  • Beneficial for high-bandwidth formats

A Watershed Moment in HESP History

“We are incredibly proud to announce expanded HESP support with our open-source client library and video.js plugin,” says Ceeblue Founder and CTO Danny Burns

“For the first time, customers can more flexibly integrate HESP into their platforms, without being locked into one vendor. This is a groundbreaking moment in the history of the HESP standard, opening up access to this transformative technology to a vast segment of the market that was previously unable to leverage its benefits.”

Bringing More Companies into the HESP Ecosystem

Ceeblue’s goal is to make HESP more accessible to a wider range of companies and facilitate its adoption across the industry. By introducing the first open-source HESP client library and by partnering with CDNs, Ceeblue aims to streamline the process of caching and delivering HESP content, minimizing implementation efforts.

Moreover, Ceeblue’s multi-protocol support allows for seamless ingestion of SRT, RTMP, WebRTC, and RTSP streams, which can then be transcoded and delivered as HESP in under a second to an unlimited number of viewers. This flexibility ensures reliable fallbacks to secondary delivery protocols, providing a robust and future-proof solution for broadcasters and content providers.

Live Demoing the Future of HESP From the Floor of NAB 2024

Ceeblue’s on-site live demo will take place at the Zixi booth (W1401), in collaboration with one of our preferred hardware partners, Videon, who will have a dedicated pod at Zixi’s partners village. There will also be a specific focus on this at the HESP Alliance meeting on Monday, April 15th, at 5pm PST at the THEO Technologies booth (W 3001).

The Ceeblue Media Fabric will be running off of a Videon LiveEdge® Node, which has built-in Compute, Cloud Control, vCare support, and encoding container capabilities. The LiveEdge® Node is a very capable hybrid:cloud workflow solution packed into a tiny profile.

At the heart of Ceeblue’s NAB demo is our innovative implementation of HESP, which will be streaming locally from the show floor. The demo will be showcasing real-time glass-to-glass latency readings, as well as playback and buffering statistics, all powered by Videon’s robust hardware, which shares Ceeblue’s protocol-agnostic capabilities and ability to support a wide range of workflows and standards.

Thanks to the on-screen real-time latency readout, visitors will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredibly low latencies achieved by Ceeblue’s standards-compliant HESP implementation, which set a new benchmark for HTTP-based real-time video delivery.

One of the standout features of Ceeblue’s HESP implementation on display at NAB is its multi-bitrate output, which works seamlessly within the browser environment. This cutting-edge technology allows for dynamic adjustments in playback quality, adapting automatically to changing network conditions to ensure an uninterrupted and optimal viewing experience.

Videon LiveEdge HESP Packager Showcase

Ceeblue’s Comprehensive Streaming Solutions

Ceeblue’s expertise extends beyond HESP, as the company is also a leading provider of WebRTC solutions, another sub-second protocol tailored for real-time, low-latency communication that is suitable for all sorts of interactive applications. By offering support for both HESP and WebRTC, Ceeblue provides its customers with a comprehensive suite of solutions, enabling them to choose the protocol that best aligns with their specific streaming or communication needs.

In February, 2024, Ceeblue released a WebRTC plugin for video.js as well as a WebRTC Client Library, both of which make integration all of our advanced WebRTC features incredibly simple. 

Driving Innovation in the Broadcast Industry

As the broadcast and streaming industries continue to evolve, Ceeblue remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible. The company’s HESP client library and plugin for video.js are a testament to its commitment to driving technological advancements and providing its customers with the tools they need to deliver exceptional viewing experiences.

Join the Future of Streaming at NAB 2024

Join Ceeblue and Videon at NAB 2024 and witness the future of real-time video streaming unfold before your eyes. Prepare to be amazed by the possibilities unlocked by HESP and the transformative potential of Ceeblue’s groundbreaking implementation.

To meet with us in Vegas, book some time here.



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