Ceeblue Releases WebRTC Client SDK

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Ceeblue WebRTC SDK 2

Ceeblue is incredibly excited to announce the release of our WebRTC Client SDK, available here, marking a significant advancement in the field of real-time communications, as we address several key challenges that developers have long faced when implementing WebRTC in their applications.

While WebRTC is a very well-known and widely used solution for real-time communication, its implementation can often prove quite challenging. The release of this SDK will make testing and integration of Ceeblue’s WebRTC solution far simpler and swifter than ever before.

For years, Ceeblue has endeavored to make real-time work for everyone by making every effort to support as many protocols as possible. By providing workflow flexibility across multiple formats, we can provide real-time communication to any number of workflows; from mobile streamers to studio-based broadcasters.

With the WebRTC Client SDK, we similarly aspire to bring WebRTC to any and all developers who wish to incorporate this fantastic technology into their products.

Unified Browser Support

WebRTC has often suffered from inconsistencies across different browsers, which makes it challenging for developers to create universally compatible applications. Ceeblue addresses these variations by offering unified browser support through its SDK, ensuring that applications work seamlessly across all major web browsers.

Firewall Traversal

One of the traditional difficulties with WebRTC is its inability to manage firewall traversal. Ceeblue has introduced a unique TURN approach to overcome this hurdle, ensuring more reliable connections even in restricted network environments.


For corporate events, private communications, and everything in-between, security is paramount. Ceeblue’s Client SDK fortifies streaming security through robust encryption and authentication mechanisms, ensuring that users’ data remains secure during transmission.

Quality of Service (QoS)

The Ceeblue Client SDK tackles common QoS issues like latency and packet loss. This is crucial for maintaining a high-quality user experience, which is especially important in real-time applications which depend on interaction and engagement.


Ceeblue simplifies the complexity of different signalling capabilities. By utilizing Websockets and integrating WHIP/WHEP protocols, the SDK offers a unified and robust communication interface, enhancing the stability and efficiency of signalling processes.

Multi-Bitrate Playback

A significant feature of Ceeblue’s Client SDK is its support for multi-bitrate playback. This allows the player to switch between different quality renditions in real-time, based on network conditions and client capabilities, ensuring a smooth viewing experience.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Similarly, the SDK enables the streamer to adjust the video bitrate dynamically in response to changing network conditions. This adaptability is key in maintaining stream quality without interruptions or buffering.

Ceeblue’s Scalability and Commitment to Quality

Ceeblue’s expertise extends into network design, which is tailored to providing robust live streaming across large distances using our proprietary real-time network. The Ceeblue Media Fabric offers maximum workflow flexibility, supporting various formats and protocols, adaptive bitrate ingest and multibitrate streaming, as well as compatibility across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. This flexibility is crucial in order to keep pace with the consumption patterns of modern viewing audiences.

Scalability and stability are hallmarks of our infrastructure, which is designed to adapt to sudden changes in network traffic and viewer numbers. This capability ensures a stable and high-quality user experience across geographies, regardless of demand. Our API-first architecture further allows clients to tailor the streaming service to their specific needs, making Ceeblue Media Fabric a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

In essence, Ceeblue’s WebRTC Client SDK is a comprehensive solution that addresses several key challenges in the WebRTC domain, making it an attractive option for developers looking to integrate real-time communication features into their applications with ease and efficiency. The integration of various features into a single SDK simplifies the development process, enabling broader and more effective use of WebRTC for real-time streaming.


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