Ceeblue Media Fabric Update 1.7.1: A Leap Forward in Streaming Technology

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Updates Ahead

Exciting news for all streaming enthusiasts and professionals! Ceeblue has just released Update 1.7.1 for their Media Fabric, and it’s packed with enhancements and new features that promise to elevate your streaming experience to new heights. Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

1. Unlimited Sessions for Private Streams

Say goodbye to session limits for private streams. With the new update, setting the sessionLimit to -1 allows for unlimited sessions. The default session limit is set at 40, and a maximum limit can be set up to 100, offering more flexibility in managing private streams.

2. Reduced Elevated Port Usage

In response to compatibility issues in restricted networks, such as corporate environments, Ceeblue has modified API calls for Resource URIs to exclude elevated ports. This means goodbye to port 4433, ensuring smoother operation across different network setups.

3. Custom CMAF Timescale

The Media Fabric now allows you to specify a custom timescale for CMAF-push output tracks. This feature is applicable to audio, video, and timed metadata tracks, offering enhanced control over your streaming content.

4. Enhanced Closed Captioning Support

Update 1.7.1 brings added support for CTA-608 and CTA-708 Closed Captioning for RTMP and SRT protocols. This is a significant step forward in making content more accessible and inclusive.

5. SCTE-35 Marker Support

The implementation of SCTE-35 markers in RTMP and SRT protocols is a game-changer for ad insertion and content segmentation, providing more opportunities for monetization and content customization.

6. Added “#EXT-X-PROGRAM-DATE-TIME” Tag for HLS Output

The integration of this tag in HLS output enhances stream metadata and synchronization capabilities. This feature is crucial for live streaming events where accurate timing is essential.

7. Support for AMF ‘onFI’ Timecode Messages in RTMP

With this addition, time synchronization and metadata handling in RTMP streams have been significantly improved, offering a more seamless streaming experience.

8. Enhancements in HESP Implementation

Ceeblue’s commitment to staying at the forefront of streaming technology is evident with several improvements in the HESP (High Efficiency Streaming Protocol) implementation. These enhancements ensure better compatibility with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

9. Snapshot Request via HTTP Redirect

In a move to streamline operations, snapshot requests will now return an HTTP 301 Redirect to the designated resource, instead of the snapshot directly. This change simplifies the process and enhances security.

10. Node Group Resource Callback

A new feature has been added for callbacks when a persistent or allocated Resource (Node) changes. This feature requires activation through a request via email, including the callback URI.

This update is a testament to Ceeblue’s dedication to providing cutting-edge streaming solutions. Each feature in Update 1.7.1 has been carefully crafted to address the evolving needs of streamers and content providers. The enhancements in network compatibility, content accessibility, synchronization, and protocol support are set to offer a more robust, efficient, and inclusive streaming experience.

About Ceeblue

Ceeblue has been providing Real-Time Transcoding and Delivery since 2017, and has been recognized in Steaming Media Europe’s exclusive list of the 51 most most cutting-edge, influential, and dynamic technology companies in the streaming ecosystem.

Our Media Fabric is a next-generation cloud architecture representing a quantum leap in what can be achieved with real-time processing and delivery at scale. 

We are the only real-time provider supporting both WebRTC and HESP delivery at scale.

With our multiprotocol support, ABR ingest, MBR output, failback protocols, fast start/zap time and timed metadata, the performance and flexibility of our platform is unrivaled.

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