Ceeblue: The First and Only Real Time Provider to Support Both WebRTC and HESP

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Ceeblue is the first and only real-time provider of both WebRTC and HESP

In just a few years, Ceeblue has successfully positioned itself as a unique and innovative force in the real time video streaming market. Ceeblue’s singular multi-protocol approach in particular has shone brightly, as it provides workflow flexibility while at the same time bridging the gap between legacy and more recent protocols.

But now this approach can bring even more value to millisecond-chasers, as Ceeblue has become the first and only real time streaming provider to support both WebRTC and HESP real time protocols.

This exclusivity is a testament to Ceeblue’s commitment to its multi-protocol approach, and places Ceeblue at the vanguard of real time streaming providers.

Ceeblue’s Advanced Implementations of WebRTC and HESP

Ceeblue’s role as the sole provider of both WebRTC and HESP protocols is not the only thing that sets it apart in the market. Its implementations of both protocols in and of themselves are groundbreaking in their own right. 

How Ceeblue’s WebRTC Stands Out

WebRTC, a cornerstone of Ceeblue’s technology, facilitates real time communication in web browsers without the need for additional plugins. Known for its low latency and high-quality video and audio communication, WebRTC’s adaptability makes it ideal for a range of applications, from video conferencing to live streaming events.

Ceeblue’s unique implementation of WebRTC includes features such as unlimited scalability, TURN support, WHIP and WHEP support, adaptive bitrate on ingest and multi-bitrate capabilities on the player side, all of which ensure ease of integration as well as an unparalleled streaming experience​​.

Integrating WebRTC can oftentimes be challenging, which is why Ceeblue has developed its own Client SDK for WebRTC integration as well as a WebRTC plugin which provides Ceeblue’s advanced WebRTC services to the open-source video.js player.

Stay tuned for an upcoming deep-dive into Ceeblue’s innovative approach to ensuring WebRTC scalability.

Ceeblue’s Innovative Approach to HESP

HESP is a new HTTP-based protocol renowned for its high-quality and ultra-low latency. This protocol significantly enhances live streaming experiences by reducing latency to sub-second levels while maintaining quality and compatibility with existing CDNs and networks, which is crucial for applications like live sports broadcasting and interactive online events. 

Ceeblue’s implementation of HESP has been certified HESP-Ready by the HESP Alliance, of which Ceeblue is a member. Customers have been able to achieve real-world performance using the HESP protocol that nearly rivals that of WebRTC in terms of glass-to-glass latency. Additionally, Ceeblue has optimized its HESP implementation to facilitate caching using any standard CDN.

Whichever protocol is chosen, customers will benefit from Ceeblue’s incredibly fast start and zap times and automatic fallback protocols.

The Strategic Edge of Ceeblue’s Multi-Protocol Approach and Real Time Transcoding

Ceeblue’s multiprotocol strategy, which provides the choice between WebRTC, HESP, and a number of other protocols via API, provides customers with unmatched flexibility. This strategy caters to diverse market needs and allows Ceeblue customers to adapt to emerging technologies with minimal effort, ensuring that their products are versatile and future-proof. It’s a forward-looking approach that demonstrates Ceeblue’s accommodating approach to the evolving nature of streaming technology​​​​.

This is made possible by Ceeblue’s advanced, real time transcoding technology, which transcodes and transrates both legacy as well as novel video formats, and makes different renditions available to the player in any number of formats. Additionally, it provides the possibility of including SCTE-35 markers, closed captioning, watermarks, and timed metadata.

How Ceeblue Integrates Legacy and Modern Protocols

Ceeblue’s support for multi-protocol ingest and delivery is key to bridging traditional and modern streaming protocols. By ingesting older formats like RTMP and RTSP and delivering in cutting-edge protocols such as WebRTC and HESP, Ceeblue ensures a wide range of applications and accessibility. 

Ceeblue’s partnership with Unified Streaming is one of the many types of application made possible by this approach. By remaining protocol-inclusive, Ceeblue is able to provide Unified Origin customers with a straightforward path to ingesting RTMP, RTSP, WebRTC or SRT into Unified Origin. This inclusive approach caters to varied platform needs and user preferences, positioning Ceeblue as a comprehensive solution in the streaming industry​​​​.

Ceeblue’s Europe-Based Global Reach

Ceeblue’s significant global presence, with its hybrid bare metal / cloud network capable of connecting with audiences worldwide, highlights its international impact. As a company based in Europe, Ceeblue provides service both to and from GDPR-regulated markets. 

Ceeblue’s exclusive implementation of both WebRTC and HESP protocols cements its position as a leader in real time video streaming. Its ability to merge traditional and contemporary protocols, enhanced by unique features and an extensive global reach, allows developers to future-proof their integrations. This progressive strategy underscores Ceeblue’s dedication to innovation, setting and defining new industry standards, and reshaping the future of real time streaming.


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